Quality and Practical Solution

Expert Enterprise Presents TheGodOfWeb.com offering Professional Website for Real Estate Sales Associates at low costs of $79 monthly fee without any contract and no initial setup fee that hurts their pocket. Realtors need an attractive Business page help them generates Leads and their customers find it easy searching for homes they looking to purchase and Sellers to evaluate their property value automatically before even contact their Realtor. 

This is a lifetime opportunity for Real Estate Sales Associates to have 2 Business pages with functional CRM allows them to contact their customers by e-mail, text, take notes of their calls, follow up the reminder, including IDX service that buyers can search homes through local MLS. 

Lead Generation

Real Estate Business generates majority of the Lead systems online through Lead Sources websites like Zillow&Trulia, realtor.com and other companies but recently Realtors directed to generate their own leads through Google Adwords and Google SEO through their websites in their local market because of constantly increasing Lead costs sold on the market is decreasing Realtors Rate of Return in their investments also no guarantees of Qualified Leads. One of the major advantages of investing in your own Leads instead of purchasing is the costs effect and customers remember the Realtors they have contacted directly and expecting this specific Realtor to contact them back instead of searching homes on other Lead source websites who may not ready to buy or sell or may have their own Realtors and just searching homes randomly on public websites. Other advantages of generating Leads through Google SEO and Adwords is; obviously, Google is the number one search engine website Globally attracting every potential customer to search their Real Estate needs locally may direct them to local Realtors page If keywords and budget setup properly will cost much lower than Lead sourced websites according to our researches. 

Website Costs

We have contacted local Realtors and find out what are the average budgets they have spent for their Professional Websites and If they need to generate Listing Leads to have Seller Landing Page that generates automatic property values. Agents feedbacks were around $500 to $1500 costs of Realtor website + $50 monthly maintenance fees for any changes they needed to make through web designers and $59 monthly fee to keep their Seller Landing Page and $150 initial setup fee also average $50 monthly IDX service fee they pay their services. We have seen the demand on the market and bring a solution to new Real Estate Professionals they can build their website without any contract for only $79 a month to own both pages with IDX and functional CRM system they can use for all their Leads. Also, Realtors may only have Seller Landing Page with CRM for only $29.99 a month without separate Realtor page as well.

SEO & Adwords

We also provide service to Realtors about how to set up their SEO and Adwords with different pricing according to their local market competition and the service they provide, for example: If a Real Estate Professional working only for Commercial Real Estate or Business Broker in their local market that may be lower competition may costs less than Residential Realtors ranking that we help you analyze all these details to maximize Agents Leads.